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[Solved] – What is Error Code 907 in Android Play Store And How to fix It

Often users of Android Smartphone are prompted and get stuck with a chaotic error message like: App How to fix error code 907 in Google Play Store - app could not be downloaded errorNamecould not be downloaded due to an error. (907) ’. New android user sometimes are unable to resolve error Code 907 which may suspend or break off downloads in the middle, or sometimes may prevent you from installing apps from play store. Such a fault is commonly encountered in most recent versions of operating system particularly:

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • KitKat 4.4 edition
  • Lollipop version 5.0

Despite the error Code 907 is not much critical but is necessary to handle, otherwise you won’t be able to update operating system of your Smartphone. If you are a gaming addict, you won’t be installing new games anymore. It is not much complicated to handle it with some simple attempts. If error Code 907 has appeared during app installation, then simply rebooting the phone and re-installing the app may resolve the issue but if not, then procedure with simple to follow points listed below may help you get rid of the 907 error during use of Google Play.

Here is How to fix app could not be downloaded due to an Error 907

Technique 1: Before Installing App Unmount SD Card

After experiencing Google Play error Code 907 and debugging it numerous time, it is concluded that blocking permission to access memory storage or card may cause error during installation. When google

play tries to store installation files partially to memory card and it is found blocked error Code 907 appears to screen. Often SD card is locked intentionally by some other access control app or the portion of memory card is corrupted.

  1. Open Settings -> Tap on Storage -> Move down to select ‘Unmount  SD Card’ option.
  2. Again go to Google Play Store and retry installing the app that prompted the error.
  3. Most probably the app would installed without any trouble this time.
  4. Now remount the memory card from Settings -> Storage and tapping on ‘Mount SD Card’. If the error still appears, now consider to physically remove SD card prior to reinstalling the app.
Fixing google play error code 907 By Unmouting SD Card
Fixing google play error code 907 By Unmouting SD Card

Technique 2: Clear Google Play Cache and Data

The first technique is most renowned as successful one but may not work due to any false data stored in the Google play cache. Clearing its traces may get you out of the chaos.

  1.  Move on to Settings -> then to Apps and select All, where you have to scroll to “Google Play Store”.
  2.  Push Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.
  3.  Repeat step 1 and 2 but this time for “Google Play Services”. Clear its Cache and Data too and try app installation over again.Fixing google play error Code 907 By Clearing Cache and Data

Technique 3: Remove Google Play Updates Data Entirely

Make sure the version of Google Play Store is latest and up to date. Launch Google Play app and tap on menu located at right top corner. Swiping it may also unwrap it. This menu contains a Settings option which contain Build Version entry showing the version. If it is 5.5 or above then its newer and if not, then wait to complete its update process which it does automatically if connected to internet. Repeat installing app. If it is still generating error 907, then try method shown below:

  1.  Switch to Settings -> Apps and the All
  2.  Move the list below and select ‘Google Play
  3.  This time tap on “Uninstall Updates
  4.  After it completes removing updates, retry installing app again from play store.

Google Play Store Error Code 907- Solution

Google Play Store Error Code 907- Solution

Build Version Displayed

Error Code 907 Google Play - Solution

 Technique  4:  In Case The Error Code 907 Occurs During Updating Apps That Are Installed On SD Card.

Sometimes moving apps from memory storage to phone storage may solve the issue.

  1. Again go to Settings -> Apps -> All
  2. From the list find app that is showing the error Code 907 during its update process.
  3. Tap on button labeled “Move To Internal Storage”. The app will be moved to your phone.
  4. Now Update the app, when successfully done, move it again to SD card.

Above mentioned are the only possible and most successful ways to solve android error App Name ‘could not be downloaded due to an error. (907) ’. The main logic behind the scene is permission to use SD card that let the android OS generate this error. I hope this method of solving 907 android error in google play store is useful and easy to follow.  In case you find any trouble during debugging, feel free to comment below because I love to help people like you.