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What Is Akamai NetSession Interface Pros and Cons

Akamai NetSession InterfaceIts What Akamai NetSession Claims

Akamai NetSession Interface, according to its owner’s website, is an application boosting downloads of content like files and music and video streams through a network of peers connected from all around the world collaborating to a portion of its bandwidth resulting in crazy fast downloads.

Working Principle of Akamai NetSession Interface

Once Akamai NetSession is installed and running in the computer, when someone need a file to be downloaded, it gathers portions of that  files from all computers peered computers if it exist on them, hence each computer supporting that particular download enhances the speed of download. More the peers are connected to Akamai NetSession, the more download speed will be. If you got it deployed on your computer, it means you’re also sharing your part in file downloads by sharing your upload bandwidth. That little bandwidth would just be consumed by the Akamai Network only when your computer is in idle mode or not being used.

Akamai NetSession Pros, Cons And Security Concerns

Akmai NetSession is another hampering concept to unravel, if you are not interested to take benefit of it, it’s a sort of a mess you may got into. Its not strange for many of the users with Akamai NetSession Interface installed, to come across Windows alerts recommending you to manually permit Akamai NetSession Client to communicate on private/public networks as shown in the alert below:Akamai NetSession Interface Blocked

Like in one case I have been asked about it when one of the subscriber when he was informed by its computer vendor through an alert to upgrade its BIOS firmware. At completion his, computer rebooted and the above shown message appeared.

Akamai is not itself meant to intentionally generated alerts like that but it is the NetSession that oblige it to do so. For Akami,   the utility Netsession deployed provides a bridge to upstream and share data with other online users. Akami uses NetSession to consume a part of your unused internet bandwidth to upstream and forward chunks of data files to other users

If Akamai is installed, it gathers minor but critical bandwidth related statistics so that it can troubleshoot and monitor network performance. That information is NetSession periodically collaborates such statistic info to Akamai.

CPU Usage Concern in Akamai NetSession Interface

NetSession developers claim that it only grabs the unused or inactive network resources in a pretty much optimized way so that it does not affect your usual computer network jobs and its performance. But it means NetSession is active all the time keeping eye on the network and keep Akamai notified all the time even if a minor change to bandwidth utilization it encounters. But wait a minute!, if NetSession is so much active, what about the CPU time that it consumes while keeping itself too much busy providing information messages to Akamai? Such information is not revealed on the developer’s website but can be captured from the Windows Task Manager or other Task monitoring applications freely available online.

Information Security Concern in Akamai NetSession Interface

Another serious concern that, I am wondering about the fact that, according Akamai vendors, it gather some other bandwidth related information which is just similar to what a web server captures often. But every other computer guy may agree with me that normal web servers don’t waste their resources monitoring bandwidths of their visitors. They also did not mention any fact about such information they claim Akamai can capture. It should be clearly revealed on their website to minimize the security concerns everyone have.

File Security Concern in Akamai NetSession Interface

After you deploy NetSession on your computer and have it activated, you are definitely agreeing to connect with a peer-to-peer network where Akamai grabs files inside your computer and upstream them to share with other connected users.

Here is another security concern everyone must be worried about and that is about the sort of files everyone including me receive through NetSession. Its very straightforward infect a file with virus or to let it carry an infected payload and then put your computer idle so that NetSession can capture it and forwards it to other people which already joined the Akamai peer-to-peer network. Definitely Akamai designers would have taken that fact into account before they put their system into working condition but they did not clearly mentioned it anywhere.