VLC Music Player Hidden Features That Are Worth Knowing

In this tutorial I would wish to make you know about attractive functions inside VLC Music Player. It happened to continue as an academic project and now the biggest open source media player in the world. VLC out there is not just a media player. It has formal features you can ever imagine like converting media file formats, taking snapshots of the screens or videos being played and record screens and much more. To go through a number of hidden features, you don’t need to go though a wiki page. We have gathered twelve best tricks and hacks you may not know.

VLC Music Player


VLC Music Player : Convert Any Media Files

Did you know that you can use VLC Media Player to convert your media files to wide variety of formats. The applet is how exactly you would like to choose them or you can simply choose a given preset. To start:

  • click Media -> Convert / Save.
  • Now click on Add button.
  • Browse and select the video file you want to convert.
  • Now click on Convert / Save.
  • From here you can select your desired Codec or Format to convert to.

As we told there are a wide variety of formats and codecs, otherwise you can go to Profile Selection panel and customize formats even more. It would give to freedom to convert any file to desired format. Now let me show you a sample conversion process. Before that enter a Destination File name and browse the Destination you want to save that converted file to. Now click on Save and finally you have to click on Start. Now you see the file is being converted in real time. A surprising factor is that the rendering process is shown on the VLC time line. As the conversion process is just finished, I think it handles the conversion process pretty good. Normally VLC player stand stands for just as a media player but let me say it’s packed with ton of power and feature which we will reveal in a moment.

VLC Music Player : Play or Download Online Videos

You can actually use VLC to play and download online videos. You can use a full suit of tools to manipulate Video Playback or Save them for later play. To start an online video:

  • Go to media and Open Network Stream.
  • Enter the URL of online video.
  • Click play to play the video
  • To save this online video click on the drop down on Play button and choose Convert.
  • Same like previous step, select the destination and name your file.
  • Now click start to initiate conversion and downloading process.

VLC Music Player : Record A Current Playing Video Or Audio:

If you want to record or capture a snippet of a video that you are playing, VLC has an option to do so. To enable this feature on the menu bar do the following steps:

  • Click on view
  • Advance controls
  • Now extra buttons will appear below the timeline.
  • While playing a media file click on the record button to start recording.
  • Press that button again to stop and recording will be saved in the folder for videos.
  • And if it is an audio, it will save in audio folder.
  • One Mac version go to menu bar and click on Playback, Record or use shortcut Command+Alt+R.

VLC Music Player : Record Videos

VLC can directly save recording of any desktop behaving like dedicated Screen Recorder. To make possible desktop recording:

  • Open Media Menu and then click Convert / Save
  • Switch to Capture Device Tab
  • From Capture Mode menu chooses Desktop.
  • Select frame rate at ‘Desired Frame Rate For Capture’ menu.
  • Now click on Covert / Save and at last select your Codec and Destination you want to save recording to.
  • Finally click tart and that’s it.

VLC Music Player : Record Web Cam

You can record a video in VLC using a Web Cam. For that:

  • Open Media -> Open Capture Device
  • Choose DirectShow option from Capture Mode drop down menu.
  • In Video Device Name drop down menu select Video device.
  • From Audio Device Name drop down select Audio device like Microphone.
  • Click Play and VLC will start capturing your Video Cam Stream directly.

VLC Music Player : Rip A DVD

Do you know you can use VLC to RIP your DVD in your computer? It’s a simple way to build any archive of DVDs for backup purpose. Or it’s a way to view them if you can’t access physical disk. For that do the following:

  • a- Move mouse to Media -> Convert / Save and then click on Disc Tab
  • b- Under Disk Selection choose a Radio button for the type of media disk being used.
  • c- Also select No disc menu check box.
  • d- Now confirm that chosen disc is exactly what you want and click on Convert / Save.
  • Choose the Codec you desire to save in.
  • Finally select the extension compatible the Codec you selected to save in.

VLC Music Player : Video And Audio Effects

VLC gives you multitude of tools that allows manipulating Video and Audio of any given media. To see the tools available:

  • Move pointer to Tools in the menu
  • Click on Effects and Filters
  • From Audio Tab you can tune the sound from 10 channel Equalizer.
  • From here in Video Effects Tab you can select colors to be applied, Crop video from any side pixel to pixel. Even you can change the geometry of the video.
  • Furthermore a video captured from wrong coordinates can be rotated to your desired angles too.

VLC Music Player : Watermarks On Video:

You can add your own watermark on video through VLC. It bypasses a need to have a full fledge dedicated video editor to do so. You have to remember that you would need the VLC save feature to save the video with your custom watermark. To start doing so:

  • open Tools -> Effects and Filters.
  • Click on Video Effects Tab.
  • Now under the Overlay Tab, you will get the Option to Add logo or Even Simple Text on a video.
  • Surprisingly you can Remove the Logo from the specific coordinates on the video too.

VLC Music Player : Take a Snapshot

Did you ever dig a way to take a snapshot of a vido you are watching? VLC has a builtin function to do so. Simply

  • Use a Shortcut Shift+S
  • on Windows and Linux or Command +Alt+S on OS10.
  • The picture will be saved in you Operating System’s respective Picture Folder.

VLC Music Player : Bookmark A Video

Most amazing feature is bookmarking a part of a video at a certain point. It will let you replay a part of a video whenever you want to see it again. To bookmark a video go to:

  • Playback -> Custom Bookmarks
  • Then go to Manage
  • Edit Bookmarks dialog will popup.
  • Press the Create button and it will automatically create a bookmark on that specific time of video being played.

VLC Music Player : Add Subtitles To Videos

If a video you have doesn’t come with subtitles, you can find and add your own subtitle files to the video. To add a subtitle:

  • Play your video and Right Click on it.
  • Click on Subtitle -> Add Subtitle File
  • Now Select the file from the file manager dialog box
  • If you want VLC player to play it automatically, just put that file .srt file in the folder same as the video is in. And boom, VLC will play it automatically. But make sure this file has the same name as the video file have.

VLC Music Player : Adjusting Playback Speed

This feature is incredibly useful when you are watching a media file primarily for the content such as Podcasts, Audio Books and Recorded Lectures etc.

VLC Music Player:  Screen Recording

you can record screens with VLC Media Player for free either if it is computer desktop or a video camera connected to you computer. With this tool installed on computer, you do not need any dedicated screen capturing tool.