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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives and is Changing the world

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives and is Changing the world

Impact of technology on human life and society as a whole, can be noticed in large scale only by comparing our today’s life to the one we lived few years back, in terms of our social interaction, education, medical facilities, mass media evolution, the way we communicate, they way we celebrate, traveling, explorations, space technology, the way wars were fought before and now, a lot of resources that we are now able to have access to and many more. We are now capable to do more than we did before. We discovered ideas and implemented them to develop technologies that further aided us improve every aspect of our lives.

An example case is Robotics which made scientist capable of making replicas of human. Initially those machines are doing specific jobs but would improve to think and memorize information to make predictable decisions like real human in future. Eventually they would have emotions to react according to situation they would experience as human do. So far we observed victorious achievements in initial steps of the target model. Industries have implemented those initial models in their plants to automate manufacturing, testing, delivery, quality checking and other more critical processes. That automation not only saved them money, time, workforce and other expensive resources but improved their productivity and efficiency.

It would be unfair if I just explain only benefits of inventions and developments of technology. Some improvements are environment and human friendly and some are not.  Definitely like every picture, technology also has two sides and has affected our lives negatively too, in terms of:

  • Unemployment due to replacement of humans with machines in factories.
  • Rigging technology helped us extract oil from wells, for our energy needs but that oil also polluted the environment to the critical level that we are now experiencing in terms of dangerous climate change.
  • Health and medical science is now equipped with modern technology which helps diagnose diseases quickly, but at the same time faulty equipment can take the life of patient, like X-Ray machines can

But in any case we have no choice and we would have to evolve ourselves to compete with the rapidly changing world, otherwise we would be left behind.

The impact of technology on our lives has evolve every aspect of our daily routine if it is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, education, everything is deeply impacted by technology .

A major example of how technology has changed our life is that we are now dependent on technology to perform most simple to complex things. We just don’t even force our minds to think for a solution of a problem, instead we go to search online to find info regarding our problems. In other words we are in a state of slavery and technology is our king.

Most part of a person’s life revolves around advancements and improvements in life in order to get comfortable to the level of satisfaction. Every day that person gets up, he/she has some ideas in mind like:

  • How to secure my children by keeping an eye on them when they go to school?
  • How to make my home water tank automatic?
  • How to transfer money safely to my mother living in remote area?
  • How to find a job that I can do from home?
  • How to solve a specific math question without a math teacher?

Solution to all those example questions lies under the umbrella of technology that is now possible due to constant improvements in the technology. Internet is an example of technology where millions of findings and experiences are available to have maximum benefit from, for any problem regarding any aspect of life. Information rich articles, videos with live implementations, info graphics, animations and other kind of presentations help you solve issues, implement things, develop scenarios and finally aid yourself in every regard.

Even more hot topics of the era which are climate change, satellite advancements, modern ways of education, new viruses and their vaccinations, ways of saving whole world as named few and lot more are in focus today. The only thing to get ourselves comply with the fast pace of constantly evolving technology is to get ourselves synchronize with modern technological education.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives, Below Are Some Real Life Cases:

1. Effects of Modern Technology On Education:-

Effects of modern technology on education

Effects of modern technology on education can easily be noticed. In the past we could not communicate

with other fellows so quickly regarding study matters. We had to visit our friend’s home for combine studies. Even the way we studied in schools and colleges are getting obsolete. But the way we learn today is much more interesting:

  • We can share our notes directly by email, social media and other instant messaging tools like whatsap, imo and skype.
  • For combine studies, we do not need to travel anymore, just make a conference video call and add your fellows to the conversation for combined studies.
  • Online schools, colleges and universities allow you to register and study remotely.
  • Online study material and e-books can be downloaded to your electronic gadget for reading offline.
  • Even online Learning Management Systems are implemented to provide you virtual class room environments.

This is just a positive impact of technology on education, human life and eventually society as a whole. There is also negative impacts of technology on education if no surveillance or parental control is applied to all the material accessed online by students.

Note: There are best online parental control software available free to download and implement, which must be considered before allowing children or students to access the internet world.

  2. Technology Solved Communication Matters In Our LivesTechnology solved communication matters in our lives

In the past we relied on letter postage system to forward mails to our loved ones, and we used expensive land line phone system having lots of restrictions in terms of no video calls, no conference call, no text messages etc. But as time passed and technology is improved, at least everyone owns his personal cell phone with basic call function; some are having smart phones equipped with 3G and 4G internet connection which make them capable of sending email, live chat, conference call, video calls. We don’t need to send mails via postage system instead we can convey a message though email instantly.

Now businesses rely on above mentioned communication methodologies to exchange information and updates regarding business processes and tasks they perform daily. Businesses are using such technologies to provide support to their clients, market their products, online transactions and a lot more.

Now we are saving our time by not personally visiting the person of interest to have a conversation with, instead we can use modern communication technology to talk in a way that make you feel sitting in front of each other.

3. Addiction Effects Of Modern Technology On Our Life:Addiction effects of modern technology on our life

Impact of technology on human life and society as a whole is deeply studied by surveys conducted by companies, during recent years and the concluded that the new generation is more advance than their ancestors. Parents are less aware of the new inventions and its use, than their kids do. So daily activities pattern of parents is completely different than their offspring as mentioned below:

  • Most of the parents socialize through personally meeting other people in their community, but children mostly teenagers spend their time on internet, hanging out with their mates.
  • Teenagers mostly are addicted to computer games while people with age 27 and above go to play grounds for physical activities.

As internet provided more opportunities for children to get themselves engaged during routine life, at the same time it negatively impacted their physical and mental growth due to staying away from playgrounds and socializing with other people of the community.

4. Effects Of Modern Technology On Lifestyle:

Another face about how technology has changed our lives is reflected through the lifestyle we adopted. Previously we performed thing manually but now we want every daily life task to be automated so that can avoid doing it with effort. As example we don’t bother to shut down room lights manually but with remote control during bed time.Effects of modern technology on lifestyle

In other example, we often buy products online instead of physically visiting shops. Even we compare prices with automated tools.

A technology called ‘internet of things’ let people operate home appliances like refrigerators, lights, security cameras, door locks, fans as named few, remotely via internet connection on Smartphone.

Despite all these facilities blessed by advancements in technology in our lives, life got easier to live as compared to past, but at the same this is the only fact which made us much lazier than before. We avoid personally visiting our relatives to socialize with them having emotions and feelings; instead we prefer to do the same through social media sites. We lost much of our emotions, feelings, health and social connections.

From other aspect, In the past we had wait on the road for a while to get a taxi for traveling, but now we have apps installed on our Smartphone and we book Taxi online.

Despite all negative impacts of technology, to some extent we minimize wastage of time, now it’s the matter of 100% utilization of the saved time efficiently then it would be real achievement. It’s a big debate about how technology has changed our lives in terms of our lifestyle but below is a most significant section of our daily life that is improving.

5. Technology Changing The Health World:-

Despite all the positive and negative impacts of technology on different section of life of the inhabitants from our entire world, none of them are as indispensable as effects of modern technology in medical field. Creation of MRI and CT Scan machines is just a single example which made the disease diagnosis process to another level with fast and accurate results that aids doctors in performing accurate procedures and prescribe exact medication. Life expediencies are much higher than before where traditional diagnosis methodologies were used on a doctor’s personal experience basis.

Doctors are now heavily aided by Health Informatics, where data concerning diseases, their symptoms, relevant procedures and medications and scientific explanations, are retrieved and stored in computer systems and then are collaborated with health care provider organizations which ultimately aid the health of patient in the way it needs to be. .

Remote monitoring tools are another evolutionary step which not only aided doctors but patients too. Those tools let the doctors monitor their patient’s health remotely. A patient being monitored doesn’t need to be admitted in the hospital hence reduced medical and traveling cost. In 2012 there were more than 2.5 million patients being monitored by doctors in remote areas.

Telehealth is another visible sign of how technology has changed our lives miraculously in medical field. Telehealth is a medical facility in conjunction with the vast integration of telecommunication technology. The reason it was first introduced is the unavailability of hospitals or health care organizations and doctors in rural areas.

With Telehealth technology patients with are equipped with computing devices and internet connections to communicate with doctors lively regarding their health problems.

Tools for home use, like electronic diabetic tester helps patient monitor their blood sugar levels instantly. Wearable Technology is introduced that constantly monitor and collect patients health data and then communicate it with the doctor.

It was a summarized description of technology is changing the medical world.

6. Effects Of Modern Agricultural technologyEffects of Modern Agricultural technology

Agriculture industry is reformed to meet the challenges that were faced in past. Like deserts having extreme temperature conditions, less rainfalls, less minerals and dried conditions, were impossible to grow crops in the past but now it is possible to due improved agriculture bio-technologies.

Such deserts are irrigated through water canals dug through modern self operated and remotely triggered machinery. For harsh desert, plants are modified through re-engineering to achieve improved capability of survival in harsh conditions.

Crops are now genetically modified to grow in days instead of months. Improved insect resistance in plants is a signs of growing them without pesticides.

Drones are now being used for field analysis which was previously done through physically visiting the area. Now agriculture companies are using drones to plant crops in time. Spraying pesticides with drones is cost effective as spray is done at exact location you intended. You don’t need farmers on daily wedges now.

7. Impact Of technology On human Life And Society As a Whole:-

Impact of technology on society both positively and negatively affected our society and youth. Below are many factors everyone should have serious concern with:

As a positive use, youth of new era has fully enjoyed the juice of internet they extracted in terms of information they needed for their educational purposes either if it they are required to composed assignments, make presentations, practical demonstrations.

At the other end teachers are no more spending time preparing lectures to be delivered in class room. Already millions of lectures and research papers are written and composed by thousands of other teachers and philosophers from other locations of the world, and they put it online to be downloaded and used.

For professionals, Internet is a miracle as they search and find solutions to their problems regarding their professional work in a moment.

For house wives it is not big deal now, to cook any special dish as thousands of recipes are available online to follow.

School children learn daily life ethics and other thing from cartoons they see on televisions or online.

Increase in job opportunities online is other positive effects of modern technology. Any computer literate persons having some specific skills like graphic designing, web development, network solutions and etc. are welcomed to continue jobs on freelance websites.

Note:  There are both positive and negative effects of modern technology and most of the educational institutions are teaching computer subjects too. They must also consider teaching some extra subjects like modern technology/ computer ethics that may let students know goods and bad of right and wrong use of technology.

Negative Impacts of Technology on Youth

On the other hand technology can be used as a weapon against youth. Negative impact of technology on society has also demolished a youth mentally, physically and psychologically due to no parental control on their activities while using internet, Smartphone and other digital gadgets.

Internet is a constant threat to young people unaware of ethics regarding computer literacy. Access to purchasable online drugs and weapons are making them criminals. According to surveys mostly banking frauds are attempted by youth who is attracted to conspiracies of millionaires.

Negative Impacts of Technology due to Social Media

Children of 21st century have more mature thoughts as compared to 20th century, as they are consuming much more information, regardless of the fact either it is relevant or not. Every good and bad literature and videos are available to access online. Children learn and implement things accordingly irrespective of its negative impacts as a result.

Due to social media our youth has become lazy, they are energetic enough to stand for a cause on social media but they are unable to stand on the road. Most of them do not go to grounds for playing or physical exercises just because of their constant engagement on social media activities, most of them spending more than sixteen hours according to surveys. Social media has proved itself not more than just an entertainment site which is just single form of negative impact of technology on human life and society as a whole.

The Future of Technology is Unpredictable for small Businesses:-

Technology is rapidly growing with fast pace passing time. The way businesses done in past are now revolutionized. Businesses are connected with other businesses in organizations via internet and equipped with business intelligence and fully fledged database management systems helping managers to forecast and plan business data for future use. But this change is not so delightful for owners of small businesses like retail shops and other small production units. Much of the small business entrepreneurs must literate themselves to compete with the future of technology drastically being upgraded.

It is not an overstatement if I articulate that the whole world has now transformed into a global village where every corner of a street is accessible via online technologies like Google Maps, Google earth and Google Street. Most of the business addresses are now laid upon online maps searchable on internet throughout the world.