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[Solved] – Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10

Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 is another adverse blue screen of death which also like other BSODs just come out of Nowhere due to numerous reasons. A big trouble is that it may put you in a situation where you are unable to do any work, anymore on your computer.

So if you are on this webpage you are definitely desperate to resolve such a cumbersome chaos. video scheduler internal error is as agitating as other Blue Screens Of Deaths but not much critical to handle because with numerous different legitimate scenarios you can just get rid of it.

It has always been found that the reasons are countless for blue screen error,  in turn a lot of research is required, so best way to solve such Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error Windows 10, is to decompose the problem into parts so that you better can understand behind the scenes reasons and necessary steps that you are attempting to perform.

No worries you don’t have to go through that massive research because I have already done it for you.The only thing you have to do is just to implement the steps defined in order as you go through this article.

Braking down Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 Problem

Why video scheduler_internal_error in windows 10 occurs?

  1. Either you have deployed new video hardware in the system but related software driver is not up to date, to be compatible with it.
  2. Hard drive of your computer is having issues.
  3. Display drivers are corrupted or obsolete so it is not matching itself with the hardware you have in computer
  4. Hardware incompatibility with the newest operating system may also be one of the reason.
  5. Display hardware is faulty.
  6. Mostly new computers from different vendors comes with the display hardware along its configuration panel software utility. It is possible that configurations are changed in that settings panel.
  7. Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 sometimes occur after you install new graphics demanding software you recently installed in the computer. Such graphics designing software or graphics heavy games require much more graphics memory.

What happens When Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 Occurs?

When the mess happens this error grabs the whole control of your computer screen and place the following message

🙁 Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.

If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error: VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR

Such a message is displayed for very short time after which your computer shuts itself down and restart. This message will occurs just once and will never displayed again.

And if you noticed it fortunately, then it may be valuable to know what last activity you have done before Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 notification arrived.

Tracking such info will help you decide why it is happened and what steps should be taken to get rid of it.

What’s the Better Approach to Solve This Mystery?

Although I did not find any single straight way to solve such a bedlam with a single much effective approach because there may be more than one reasons causing such a chaos.

But I would suggest you to read the whole article first so that you can choose the only one approach that may better suite your situation.

That way you can save your time avoiding to try all the scenarios discussed in this article. But if you are still unable to decide, you can go through all the methods one after another.

First Solution : Check Your Hard Drive for Possible corrupted areas

Beside all other possibilities to keep in considerations, assume that your computer‘s storage may possibly be having corrupted areas where it may be having some files related to display drivers or any other part of Operating system. Due to corrupted file system it may be possible that computer system is unable to access those files to efficiently perform the operations which in turn cause Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10.  Let’s perform some practical to recover drive issues:

  1. Switch to the Windows  Desktop
  2. Click on Start button and type “cmd” in the Search Box or you may manually navigate to the Command Prompt.Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10
  3. Once you find Command Prompt, Right click on it and choose to select “Run As Administrator” so that you can open it with complete access privileges.
  4. You may be forced to confirm that you want to execute program in admin mode. Click YES. If you are not logged in as administrator, you may be asked for Administrator password too.Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10
  5. Once confirmed and black Command Prompt Window appears. Now type “chkdsk c: /f /r” command to tell the operating system to scan and find any critical error on C:\ drive. Make sure no typographical mistakes are made, because we are dealing with the drive having all critical system files. Now press Enter.Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 Chkdsk
  6. After entering command, you would soon be surprised that it stopped an error message occurs telling you that:  “Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N).” Type “y” to confirm the system that you are willing to schedule drive scan for next time when the system will attempt to restart.
  7. Now Restart computer and the above scheduled process would continue its job and would try to figure out the issues on C: drive and would fix them itself without bothering you even for a while. Upon completion, it would restart the computer.
  8. Now when you are on the desktop of your computer, again open Command Prompt through the steps shown above. But this time type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter.Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 SFC command
  9. Now windows will try to scan and check the entire system related file to make sure if they are in their original form. If any of the file found is corrupted. It would fix that corrupted file by replacing it with the new one.  Follow the process and wait for it to complete.
  10. Now shut down the system properly and start it over again.

I hope you won’t find Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10 again. If you do find it again, follow the next step below.

Second Solution : Reinstall Display (Graphics) Drivers

Another definite reason might be the corrupted display drivers that are preventing Windows 10 to utilize display hardware (like graphics card) efficiently and would result in the such a crashed blue screen of death like the one called Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10. So you should go ahead and follow the steps:

  1. Press start button and type “Run” in the search bar. Once found click on it. Run dialog utility will appear. Another simple alternative to open it is to press Windows key + R and run utility will open.
  2. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the text box character by character without any mistake.devmgmt.msc -  device manager - Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10
  3. Now press Ok button and a new window with a title “Device Manager” will open in front of you.
  4. Now from that window, at top, click on magnifying glass icon which triggers “scan for hardware changes” function. It would scan all the hardware in the list and would make sure if there are any changes made to them. If there are devices without drivers, it would prompt you and would try to install drivers for it.Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error devmgmt.msc -  device manager
  5.  Another way is to find out anything weird from that device manager’s hardware list. Check to see if there are yellow traffic signs with exclamation mark (!) in front of hardware names, if it is, it’s a clear indication that something is wrong with the drivers of that hardware.Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error devmgmt.msc -  device manager
  6. Right click on that hardware name and click on uninstall from drop down menu.Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error devmgmt.msc -  device manager
  7. Now confirm by clicking Ok and the drivers of that hardware is uninstalled.Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error devmgmt.msc -  device manager - Uninstall drivers
  8. Now you are about to reinstall those uninstalled drivers again. Just open your web browser and navigate to vendor’s official website where you can download and reinstall up to date drivers.

After installing the required drivers, restart the system and try to notice if the same problem of Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10 happens again or not. If it does, try performing the next solution.

Third Solution : Check for any Available Windows Updates

In older Windows operating systems like XP there was a culture of installing and update Service Packs containing all the fixes and patches related to security or any other systems drivers and programs.

But in Widows 10 same job is performed with its updates. No other Service Pack method is valid anymore. Microsoft is constantly generating updates to Windows 10 and often notifies consumers thought Widows Updates popup that usually appears in the system trey, when connected to internet. It also helped people to avoid Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10.

You can check for updates and install them other way:

  1. Navigate to Start Menu and type Settings in the search bar.Video Scheduler Internal Error Settings Windows 10
  2. From Settings, select Updates & security.Video Scheduler Internal Error - Windows 10 Update
  3. From there select windows Updates.
  4. Now click on Check for updates. Follow the process and it would finally let you install latest updates.

 Now restart the computer and the windows operating system would try loading all the newly installed update files. After finishing this process you would be redirected to desktop. I hope next time you wouldn’t be bothered by Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10. If this process did not work, try the one below.

Fourth Solution : Update Drivers of All the Hardware Installed

It may be obvious that some of the hardware in computer are not properly collaborating with each other to perform functions  properly. If one device has up to dated drivers, other may not.  This may be the possible reason of Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 blue screen of death. Updating all the hardware drivers one by one is not an easy task, but its important not just to avoid the only error we are debating right now, but to avoid other blue-screen errors to. It would also enhance the performance of hardware and operating system. Lets get to work:

All the drivers of the computers hardware are available at the manufacturers website but first you need to grab information related to the version of hardware and its manufacturer. It not an easy job to find that info related to your system and each hardware individually, just with simple steps. I would prefer to use free Speccy tool created by Piriform.

Speccy let you grab advanced system information, like all the components inside your system e.g. CPU, RAM, Graphics, Storage, Operating System, their specifications, versions and manufacturers information too.

Its better to use this tool and catch all the hardware info you are going to install or update drivers for.

Then go to the manufactures website and download related drivers. It may be in compressed formats. Extract it and install them one by one for every hardware. Restart your computer and that’s it.

Alternative One Click Driver Update Solution

Grabbing all the info related to system hardware is not much easier. So why should’nt we try a smarter one click solution called FREE DRIVER SCOUT which not only let you install new drivers automatically but time to time updates systems and hardware drivers too. This driver update utility is supported with an online database of more than a million of different drivers. So you don’t need to be worry about manual search and installation of drivers but free drivers scout is one click solution doing all that stuff for you, and for free.


After that you may not be facing such a Video Scheduler Internal Error Windows 10 disaster again anymore. It it too did not help you out then you should consider physically dealing with your computer like re-plugging your display hardware like Graphics Card. re plugging the RAM (it may be containing dust particles at its connector side). Check to see if the hard drive is physically damaged.

I hope this article is helpful for you to avoid Video_scheduler_Internal_Error. If any of the above methods did not work, please let me know below in the comments. Or if any of the method that did work for you but not mentioned in this article, please let me and other readers of this article, to know about it in the comments.

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