[Solved] – DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error In Chrome Web Browser

[Solved] - DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error In Chrome Web Browser

[Solved] – DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error In Chrome Web Browser

It is not strange to receive DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error, by user working on Google Chrome Browser. This error is not particular to Chrome browser but can be encountered in other browser like Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox but may be presented in different format. After facing this error, refreshing the pages multiple times may solve it for short period of time but may repeat again after a moment. Considerable amount of solutions to dns_probe_finished_bad_config error are suggested and demonstrated by tech support article writers, but it may not successfully resolve the issue every time, due to different dependencies. Most of the solutions are short term.

Luckily I tried much of them and found an effective one which not only solve DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error for Chrome in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and in Windows 10 and never faced it again.

Note: Techniques given below are also effective to solve DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error. The sequence of techniques is given in order of most effective first and so on.


Technique 1: Flush DNS From Windows Command Line

Flushing DNS is simple but most effective solution to DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error. Doing it from windows command line may vary depending upon the different editions of windows.

Note: You can skip to the section of windows you are using. 

Windows 10 : Flushing DNS

Make certain command line is opened with full system access privileges with Administrator User Account, in order for command to take effect.

  1. Switch to Windows 1o Desktop as a starting point.
  2. After Right Clicking on Start menu button, Select Command Prompt (Admin) .
  3. Now Commandline is opened in Administrator mode. Now  type ipconfig /flushdns.
  4.         Now restart chome web browser and open the web page you got DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error on.

Windows 8 / 8.1 : Flushing DNS

On Windows 8/8.1 Flushing DNS Cache is a little bit trickier process. To take effects open command line in administrator mode.

  1. Move to Windows 8 Start Screen.
  2. Click on search bar in the right and write cmd. Search results would show Command promp black icon with a C:\_ on it.
  3. Right click on the icon and from the drop down menu choose ‘Run As Administrator’ in order to have it opened with full access rights.
  4. Type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. DNS cache is flushed.
  5.         Now restart chrome. I hope the DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error is gone.

Windows Vista / 7 : Flushing DNS

My most favorite, fast and easy windows 7 allows you Flushing DNS cache very simply as compared to Windows 8 or above.

  1. Left click start menu button and click All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. Alternatively you can type cmd directly in the start menu search field and it would appear automatically.
  2. To run it administrator mode, Right Click Command Prompt and from menu select ‘Run it As Administrator’.
  3. Write ipconfig /flushdns in command window and hit Enter.
  4.         Restart the browser to check if DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error occurs again.

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP : Flusing DNS

Follow the two given steps below:

  1. From Start menu click Run and type  cmd in it then click OK. Alternatively go to Start->All Programs->Accessories-> Command Prompt.
  2. Type ipconfig /flushdns and enter.

Technique 2: Release and Renew IP Address

If your computer connected to an internet connection that is providing IP address via DHCP, than there may be issue with the renovation of IP address. The DHCP server provided a new IP which is not properly adopted by your computer which in turn may generate DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error error. You must release old IP address and pick the new one by following the steps below:

  1. Open Command Line through methods given above according to windows edition you are using. Alternatively you can press Win+R keys ( A key with Windows logo and R key). Run utility will open like below:
  2. In Run dialog directly type cmd and click Ok, or press Enter.
  3. In Command Line Window type ipconfig /release command and press Enter to release the old IP address.
  4. At the same time flush the dns cache by typing ipconfig /flushdns in Command Window and press Enter.
  5. Now it’s time to get new IP address by typing ipconfig /renewin command line and press Enter.
  6. Restart Chrome Web Browser and start browsing websites. I hope you wont get DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error again.

Note: This article is not complete. I is in progress and i will finish it soon. Sorry for incontinence