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Registry Repair Review

Registry Repair Review

Registry Repair is esteemed as redistributable registry cleaning software offered by Glarysoft which brought some other tools like file recovery, Quick Search and Glary Undelete.

After extensive use of PC, there may be some errors in registry that should be cleaned. If you are a new user, handling registry configuration is a sensitive task that may at some point crash your operating system. Registry Repair helps cleaning and repairing PC registry before having all safety precautions, one of which is auto backup of all registry.

Note: Deep description below is about Registry Repair version Please comment below if there’s any updated version available.

Registry Repair Review

  • Registry Repair is technically optimized and is well compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and some backward operating systems like Windows ME, 2000, 2008,XP and Vista.
  • Wrong File extension association is a common issue in operating systems, where
  • Startup Programs can be well managed through a dedicated tab interface.
  • In left pane all issues are grouped into categories, those categories are further managed into a tree view so that errors can be separately recognized based on their types.
  • Checkboxes along those categories let you select all or specific types of errors you want to perform scans for.
  • Registry Repair is not just an app but a stack of tools that perform variety of jobs like: Registry Integrity, Adware and Spyware, Obsolete Programs, Custom Controls, File Extensions, File Associations, Start Menu Items, Startup Programs, Shared Programs, Software Locations, Add/Remove Programs, Windows Fonts, Help and Resources, Sound and Resources, MRU and History Lists, Device Drivers, Windows Services, Virtual Devices, ARP Cache as named few.
  • In right pane, after scanning, sum of errors are presented in front of each type or category. You can either right click on the type to perform actions like clean it or specifically open it in windows registry error where exactly the problem is pointed out. Also you can double click to see the reason behind found error.
  • For personal record, list of found error can be exported to .txt file for future reference or any windows support agent need.
  • Settings for both new and experienced users are accommodated in this app.
  • Ignore lists are supported to avoid reporting of errors for specific issues.
  • Top pane displays overall statistics about the total found problem and a single Registry Fix Buttons to resolve all the issues found at once or only those selected with checkboxes.

Registry Repair Pros & Cons

There may be lack of some feature but it has some unique one too that may not be found in other registry cleaners.


  • Light Weight so quick to load once clicked.
  • It’s a tinny application.
  • Program is optimized to reduce consumption of CPU and RAM.
  • Portable version of the application is available.
  • Options are managed in a manner so that it does not overwhelm you at first sight.
  • Issues are resolved taking all safety measures in to account.
  • Detects adware and spywares issues as a bonus.
  • You don’t need a dedicated app to find issues of startup applications. It’s included.
  • Updates are installed seamlessly without user interventions.


  • It doesn’t takes into account creation of Restore Points (checkpoints) to which you can restore your system back in case of crash.
  • As a bonus it may suggest you to install additional applications during setup.

My Views on Registry Repair

Registry Repair’s visual user interface is very simple, self guiding and uncluttered, helping users adopt it easily as a compulsory tool.

It is small size and optimized application so if compared to other registry cleaning application, it’s a bit faster in detection and fixing of errors.

I discovered a lot more extra error fixing like adware and spyware, system ARP Cache and more but I think instead of them there should be a highly demanded feature called scheduling of registry errors detection and cleaning.

For that feature another application of same category called Wise Registry Cleaner does the scheduling of the above mentioned jobs. Check it out if you need scheduling.

Note: Installation of additional suggested apps during setup of Registry Repair can be skipped by deselecting checkboxes before going to next step during installation.