PicPick Free Snipping Tool Download for Windows

PicPick Snipping Tool download is an all in one design application software from a class of premium screen capturing/ Snipping toos but offered freely for single use comprising all the paid features. Take snapshots, edit them the way you want, share them via any built-in social media, cloud platform, or any other application with a click and you aren’t goanna pay a single coin for it. We provided a portable setup executable file of PicPick Snipping Tool download below.

PicPick snipping tool download free

PicPick All In One Snipping Tool download Overview

PicPick tool is consisting more basic to advance features for non-professional to more experienced web bloggers, online instructors, publishers and editors exchanging information via quick snapshots of screens while still concentrating on their main work. It’s not mandatory to be more experienced with oppressive graphics editing. All the functions are available just at a single click on predefined actions. Below is a given button for PicPick Snipping Tool download.

PicPick snipping tool download free

After PicPick Snipping Tool download you would experience that Intuitive tab based ribbon interface have only four tabs named File, Home, Share and View. Beside standard file menu actions like save, save as and close, File Tab integrates more than seven different ways of taking snapshots like  capturing selected screen area, full screen, selected windows and a lot more. Home Tab displays main editing functions including effects like sharpening color, pixelation, color balance, brightness / contrast and watermark.  Along with that more options like zoom in/ zoom out, color palate, text insertion and rotation of snapshots are available.

Amazing feature I encountered after PicPick Snipping Tool download is that the taken snapshots are shareable directly to facebook, twitter, email, cloud services and FTP servers. Even the snapshots can be forwarded to skype, MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint and any other external program you may choose to. Its versatility to export out to other programs is endless and all these functions are under Share Tab.snipping tool free download

Working with multiple snapshots isn’t so deterring because multiple snapshot orientation methods, ruler, full screen view and a lot more are provided under View tab.  The app is simple enough that I don’t think anyone needs documentation to work with it but an extensive information base is available on the owner’s site. Due to time and resource limitations all features can’t be mentioned here but in simple words the app is made versatile enough to make all obstruct things possible at single platform.

PicPick Snipping Tool download Features

Here are number of feature that compel many people to consider it a must have tool.

  • It’s a small non-sluggish application having extremely low system requirements.
  • Ability to capture snapshots in multiple ways.
  • Light weight plain interface having options in perfect managed way.
  • Vitally designed from the perspective of sharability.

PicPick All In One Design Tool System Requirements

Prior to PicPick Snipping Tool download be sure to know that you possess a system with at least below mentioned requirements.

Memory Needed:  15 Megabytes of RAM only

Processor:  Intel Pentium 3 or 4 and above.

Compatible with: 32/64 bit OS both

Hard Disk Storage: only 25 Megabytes

Graphics Rendering: No special Requirement

PicPick Snipping Tool download

To continue PicPick Snipping Tool download directly by hit the button below. Downloaded file will be completely standalone and would not require internet connection to finalize its installation.