How Does Technology Improve Our Lives

How Does Technology Improve Our LivesHow does technology improve our lives? this question often comes to mind. Throughout many years of 21st century, new innovation made possible creation of astounding resources, which made available all the comfort of life we require at fingertips.

The progress of those innovation has made for some extraordinary disclosures, however in the meantime has drastically changed how we experience our everyday lives.

Technology has evolved with time and it automated most of the daily live activities. Here are various cases of how innovation has everlastingly changed our lives.

1. How Does Technology Improve Our Lives: Greeting Cards are vanished

We will never again buy paper cards to celebrate or wish anyone or pay the postage to send it for us. Graphically rich and colorful cards made on computer or available to download online can now be edited and sent to you loved ones via e-mail, social media networks or via any messaging app on Smartphone.

2. How Does Technology Improve Our Lives: The way we date is now changed

As technology evolved, we got busy much than ever before. We no longer go to public places, hotels and beaches etc, to date. Online dating sites, instant messaging, video call via Skype, imo and whatsapp is around from some time and will be here to help for long time. Even language difference doesn’t matter between two people due to outstanding Google translation tool online.

3. How Does Technology Improve Our Lives: Sharing Life Experiences is just at fingertips

We are not required to travel long distances to share life events together. Most advance content rich social networks covering every aspect of life are now in place to share every moment of your life.

4. How Does Technology Improve Our Lives: How we stare at the TV

Traditional TVs with big box and tube screens are now vanished. We are not anymore at the mercy of Cable TV operators. We would now be able to watch whatever program we want even if we missed it. Our smart TVs are now having capabilities of a computer letting you browse programs of your choice online and play it, rewind it or forward it to any point in time.

5. How Does Technology Improve Our Lives: How we convey messages

Gone are the times of grabbing the landline telephone or PCO phone to call someone you intend to talk to. Smartphone in companion with data service or internet have supplanted conventional phones with virtual ones. Hundreds of online call services like, skype, imo and whatsapp allow you make calls via data channels (not landlines). This way is not even cost effective but reliable too.

6. How Does Technology Improve Our Lives: How we Study

We always tried to get rid of big and thick books which broke our backs for years while carrying them to schools and colleges. But the era has evolved enough that we do not need them again as we got soft version of each of those paper books. Our big screen Smartphone, Tablet and Digital Readers allow us have entire library of books saved in it. We can carry it anywhere anytime along with us.

7. How Does Technology Improve Our Lives: Parent Control

Most of the parents are now worrying about their children due to their extended access to the web. We now need to instruct our youngsters about the compute ethics and their role in daily life. Parents also need to caution them about the risks on the web in every aspect. you may also like modio.

You may also like the video below to see new technological advancements in our daily lives:

How Does Technology Improve Our Lives? Can you please add some of your life experiences in comments below?