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Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone Download

Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone is developed for implementing fully customized, user policy based, privileged and is a configuration controlled browser which lies among a major subdivision of softwares called Web Browser category. Google Chrome Enterprise available here is a fully customizable standalone sort of executable. It is well tuned with (x86) 32 bit / (x64) 64 bit edition of Windows. It is latest version, free to download and effortless to use.Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone

Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone Overview

Apart from common features in other browsers, Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone is incorporated with sophisticated functionality for enterprise administrators. If you are running an organization with a huge group of people, Enterprise level services are what you wish to have in your browser to grasp command over the frequent updates, group user policy and a lot of other configurations. Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone is loaded with all such tools.

Download Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone
It enables you create custom installers with selected plug-ins/extensions of your choice or that you wish to provide users with and what not to. That’s how you control much of the user’s activities. Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone, let you prevent interrupting your productivity by scheduling updates to the time when most of the system‘s resources are idle, both in case of auto or manual updates.

Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone enable you deploy policies to control what feature they have access to and what they don’t, even when employees are away from work and they want to sign in to chrome with G-Suite remotely. It fully support the Google Docs collaborative work done by people in groups.
Security is a major concern Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone takes very seriously and guards all sensitive data of your enterprise on web against data theft and phishing. Security mechanism is layered based and is implemented according to latest security community standards that Google creates. That’s how Google is a way more ahead of hackers and attackers online.
Enterprise Support is offered for intended enterprise administrators via email, call and any other mean.

Google Chrome Enterprise Features

  • Fully Fledged Enterprise support of any level.
  • Focuses on enterprise data security
  • Embedded group policies as templates
  • Collaboration of work is supported
  • Custom executable installers can be produced.
  • Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone

Download Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone Download

Google Chrome Enterprise System Requirements

Prior to beginning Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone Download make sure your PC carries system requirements pointed below.

  • OS Required: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • HDD Space (Minimum): 53.6 Mega Bytes (MB) Minimum
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit): Intel Pentium 4 Minimum
  • RAM Required: 512 Mega Bytes (MB)

Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone Download

A direct link from high speed server for Google Chrome Enterprise Standalone is provided underneath. Google Chrome Enterprise is fully compatible with 32 and 64 bit of Windows.