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CCleaner 2017 free dowload for windows

ccleaner 2017

CCleaner 2017 is well admired globally and freely redistributable application being used by more than 2.1 billion since its start in mid 2003. When your PC is hampering or weigh down its speed, it makes you oppressive and angry. CCleaner 2017 is what gets you rid of pondering computer system. With unremitting usage of computer, Operating Systems and its installed applications create temporary files for different scenarios they use to work.
CCleaner 2017 deletes those unused temporary other partially created junks that chokes out the system. CCleaner performs this work ensuring that no important system file will be deleted.

When files are deleted, hard disk space is freed up and computer speed gets greater than before. This app ensures the users privacy also by deleting cookies that contain identity information, so your anonymity is secured while browsing across multiple websites. MS Office applications need temporary files to hold up editing details and cross user collaboration info before the final changes are written to file. Sometimes those files are left behind on drive due to any in the middle interruptions.

Difference Between Free and Paid Version of CCleaner 2017

It is both available as free and paid version all the way from windows XP to Windows 10. The only difference in paid edition is that you can schedule updates, schedule cleaning, schedule Registry Fixes. All the stuff is done in background for you when the system is in idle mode so that maximum resources would be used when there is no load on the system. That mechanism is well tuned so that it won’t affect your priority work being performed on the system.

Installation and Usage of CCleaner 2017

Installation is pretty straight forward and effortless, just double clikck the downloaded exe file and will bring you up the customization options during prior to installation. You can just start basic installation vial click install button or may click customize for further features selection like:
• Add shortcut icons to desktop
• Add Start Menu Shortcut icon
• Add Run CCleaner option to Recycle Bin context menu (it pops up when you right click)
• Add Option CCleaner… option to Recycle Bin context menu
• Automatically check for updates to CCleaner (A schedule service to check if new version or changes are available to download)
• Enable Intelligent Cookie Scan.

System Configurations I Personally Prefer to Use

These options depends upon you either you want to use them or not. On next screen you can also choose either you wanna install it for everyone or for just a single user which is currently logged in. Now you are good to go for installation with or without viewing the release notes.

Once you installed it, run the CCleaner via its icon on desktop and you would be brought to CCleaner main tab where you decide which aspect of the system to be selected and which is not.

Go to Options tab -> Advanced tab and uncheck the second option which let you decide if you want to delete files in windows Temp Folder only if they are older than 24 hours. By default its not a bad thing to leave for most people but it also doesn’t take into account thing you may have done today. Uncheck to deselect it to make the system able to delete every temp file either if it is old or new.ccleaner 2017

In Monitoring section the first option is Enable System Monitoring which let CCLeaner to analyze the system in background and also brings a small icon in the system tray on every system startup that show you the current activities being performed. I personally choose to deselect monitoring options to reduce system loads because they are not necessary in my case because I prefer on demand cleaning only.

System Cleaner

Now as you selected everything you need go to CCleaner tab and click analyze button and I will go through a full scan of your system. Once it completes the system scan it will tell a full report of all the junk It detected from the system and the disk space size that would be released after cleaning junk files. Now its time to press the Run Cleaner button and let the CCleaner do the rest of the cleaning work.ccleaner 2017

CCleaner 2017

Registry Cleaner in CCleaner 2017

Second Tab in the app is Registry which empowers you to clean the system registry and fixes the bugs found in it. Manually cleaning registry is a dangerous stuff to do in your system but CCleaner is what do it for you ensuring the system integrity. It scans registry problems you have and a lot of time it will show unused file extensions or Active X issues. And this basically happens where system files does not match the location where they where originally. For example you uninstall a program and a shortcut is left unintentionally on desktop.

CCleaner 2017 CCleaner 2017CCleaner 2017

Tools Section in CCleaner 2017

A lot of other thing that you can do with your system can be controlled from here. For example if you don’t know how to uninstall software from the system manually, it can be done from this portion of CCleaner. You can decide which application to be run at system startup and which is not be. Disk can be analyzed for bugs and their fixes are at just one click. Duplicate files can be found on the entire system.CCleaner 2017

A Faster Computer

Browsing the internet your computer picks up a whole host of unnecessary files, cookies and history. The same thing happens when you run most programs on your computer – lots of temporary files and settings are saved. CCleaner 2017 removes these unused files and settings to free up valuable hard drive space, enabling your system to run faster. The default settings only focus on typical junk files and locations so you’re unlikely to lose important information unless you alter these. A Startup Cleaner also helps you to identify and remove unused programs running in the background when you start your computer. This makes the startup time shorter and puts less strain on your hard drive throughout use.You can read more about startup support here.

Less System collapses & System Bugs

Cluttered registry may due to unused files and wrecked settings due to which lots of system errors, crashes and freezes may be noticed. A full fledged built-in Registry Cleaner integrated with CCleaner determines such tribulations instantly. Fixing such bugs may take a bit longer while traversing through thousands of entries. Also backups may be taken before such actions to prevent data loss in the system.

Extra Protected Browsing in CCleaner 2017

Cookies are a mechanism for advertisers to trail all your private data and online user actions. Remembering your login credentials in browser, internet history and caching web pages reveals your anonymity once tracked by malware or anonymous online spiders. CCleaner makes sure preventing it by vanishing classified browsing information from system. When you delete files of folders from computer manually, it may be recovered via Data Recover software anytime. CCleaner’s Drive Wiper removes data in such a way that it could not be recovered again from hard drive. It a military grade

Customizable Cleaning

CCleaner gives you complete liberty and flexibility to optimize the way you want to clean system and fix bugs if found. For savvy user there are advanced configurations settings. Cookies that are not meant to be removed may be retained. It can be set which program to be loaded to memory while system startups. System monitoring should be done or not, cleaning should be done periodically or manually, all depends upon your preference.

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