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[Solved] – Bluestacks stuck On initializing Error In Windows 8/10

Bluestacks stuck on initializing windows-10Bluestacks Stuck On Initializing error is massively reported on Windows 10 by people who areexperiencing Android applications on Microsoft Windows platform. Although anniversary update of Windows 10 is a great effort by Microsoft from some other aspects of usage, but still it is not much stable as Windows 7 or 8, so much of the third party software are not fluently compatible with windows 10 and provoke some anonymous errors at initial stages. Errors I am going to discuss is related to BlueStacks which stuck on its initializing point. Also we will discuss how to fix Bluestacks error being discussed.

How to Fix Bluestacks stuck on initializing Error

BlueStacks is one of the top 10 Android emulators enabling you to have Android platform on Windows based computers so that you can either Run or test Android applications either if you are a user or an Android app developer. You would be wondering that older versions of Windows like XP or 7 were flawlessly running BlueStacks but after Windows 10 anniversary update it generated BlueStacks stuck on initializing error. Following reasons will let you  better understand why such problems may occur:

  1. The main reason is that BlueStacks requires memory and graphics and processor time resources. While Windows 7 or XP were not much resource demanding operating systems so your computer was able to accommodate BlueStacks but now as you have Windows 10 installed on your computer much of the resources of your computer are consumed by Windows 10 so BlueStacks is not receiving amount of resources it required to fluently execute.
  2. As BlueStacks is developed in .net programming languages so if you don’t have Dot Net installed in your computer or the version you have is not compatible with the latest version of BlueStacks you are going to install then definitely it’s not going to run and BlueStacks stuck on initializing error happens each time you try to run it.

Solution 1: Stop all Extra Applications to Free System Resources

If you have some extra applications already running but not being used, close all of them to free up RAM and processor. Furthermore if you are running any graphics design application, close it so that the graphics memory is released. Otherwise you would encounter BlueStacks stuck on initializing error. I hope doing so what lighten up your computer and now BlueStacks would Run smoothly. If the problem is still happening, it means your computer have enough resources to accommodate and run it but problem is somewhere else, then follow step 2.

Solution 2: Download and Install Latest BlueStacks App Player and .Net Framework

Sometimes it happens that the version of BlueStacks running on computer is not compatible with the latest version of Windows or the version of dotnet framework that is deployed on your system.

  1. Make sure you have up to dated .Net Framework installed and working in your computer. Or download it from Microsoft here.
  2. Download and install latest BlueStacks from its official website so that it efficiently utilizes the services provided by the Windows operating system and the .Net platform.

Now close all the background applications sand software that are currently open and run BlueStacks, I hope it would efficiently run this time.

Solution 3: Configure Security Settings Properly

Improper Security Setting inside your computer may also block or prevent BlueStacks from running on your computer. Set privilleges inside your computer to allow BlueStacks to run without any access barrier. Follow Steps Below:

  1. Find out default installation directory of BlueStack. Normally it should be: C:\Program Files\BlueStacks.
  2. Right Click on the folder and from the drop down menu select Properties.Blue Stack Error
  3. Switch to Security Tab and under Groups or User Names click on Edit button, so that you can edit user privileges settings.Blue Stack Error
  4.  Below Group or user names section a list populated with all available users would be shown. Find the username you are logged in with currently in the computer. Now in Permission section you should select Full Control checkbox to Allow current user to access BlueStacks files with full access.Blue Stack Error
  5. Now click Apply button to make changes permanent and Click Ok to exit.

Solution 4: Remove All the Traces of Previous Version of BlueStack

Before installing newer verison of Bluestacks on computer its better to remove previous one completely by properly uninstalling it, removing its relevant folders and files. Also its better to remove associated registry keys of Bluestaks so that the fresh version of the software can take its place. Follow steps below:

  1. To entirely remove it, Go to Start Menu, click Settings, click System and then go to Apps & Features.
  2. Here a list containing all installed applications would be shown, find BlueStacks here and push Uninstall button to completely remove it.
  3. Find the following folders, or directly paste those paths in Windows explorer and press enter, and then remove these folders: C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks or some times it may look like C:\Program Files\BlueStacksDelete C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks and C:\ProgramData\BlueStacksSetup too.
  4. Open Run from Start Menu or hold Window Key + R together to open Run utility.
  5. Type %temp% and enter.Blue Stack Stuck On Initializing in Windows 10
  6. Now remove all folders and files from here.
  7. To cleanly remove BlueStacks from your computer, Download Clean_Uninstall Tool from blue stacks and run it.
  8. Once BlueStacks is removed from the computer, there  may be leftover registry keys and entries inside computer, which can be removed using Free CCleaner tool. Once you run this tool, it will automatically remove all the key entries which are not being used anymore.

Now your computer is cleaned from all the leftover traces like files and folders related to BlueStacks. Now you can have a clean bluestacks install from step one.

Solution 5 – Running Bluestacks in Compatibility mode

Another simple but effective solution to BlueStack Stuck on Initializing in Windows 10 is to run it in compatibility mode which let it optimize itself automatically according to the specifications of the operating system. Below are given steps:

  1. If BluStacks app shortcut is on Desktop righ-click on it and from the drop down menu select  Properties.
  2. Under tab named Compatibility, click on a checkbox with ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’. Also from drop down menu select Windows 7 so that the windows 10 can adjust itself to run BlueStack just like in Windows 7.BlueStack Stuck on Initializing in Windows 10
  3. Now Click Apply to make changes permanent and click Ok to exit.

Now the software should run smoothly in Windows 10 but if your are not able to have it in working condition, there are some other issues inside your operating system. You should try this free software to fix all the troubles and bugs and get them out of your computer.

Conclusion To BlueStacks Stuck on Initializing error

Above mentioned were the only methods i tried myself to resolve the issue of BlueStacks Stuck on Initializing error on Windows 10. I hope following those steps you would also find a way to escape from this error. But in case none of the above method work, feel free to tell me in the Comments below, so that i can improve my answer, which may in turn help others too.