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What is Avast SafePrice ? How To Use It and How to Remove it

Avast Safeprice

Avast SafePrice in action – Suggesting to save $35 on EBay along with another Better Offer

SafePrice is free, tiny and time saving extension for chome and firefox web browsers, made as part of Avast Online Security. SafePrice notifies buyers regarding lowest prices of products that it finds after comparing prices in real-time, that it pulls from reputed and trusted partner website online.

Furthermore it grabs information regarding best deals and coupons of the products you are searching for. That info is shown in an intelligent bar that only appears when it detects that you are shopping, otherwise it won’t appear to irritate you. Hence Avast SafePrice bring buyers best prices right in front of them, without letting them waste their precious time on intensive search and comparison of prices manually.

How Does Avast SafePrice Work? Is It Safe To Use?

Here is how Avast SafePrice works: After Avast Safe Price plug-in deployed in browser, it grabs only specific data, particularly the product items you intend to search and buy, the Urls of the shopping websites, and then forwards it to Avast servers hosted online.

All other sensitive and confidential information like user details, credit card information, session detail and much more is eradicated when sending to server.

Those servers are powered with information related to millions of trusted shopping partner websites and all the products being sold on them. The server then analyze and compare product prices of those you are searching, with those products found on their trusted partner shopping websites. After that Avast SafePrice notifies you with best prices and shopping deals that are in best of your favor.

All such process are performed in real-time and as nameless or unidentified user without exposing any details you care for. That’s why Avast SafePrice is very secure to use.

Definitely Avast Safe Price is not doing all this or spending its online resources for free. All the shopping sites are paying commission to avast for each referral it sends, and when a lead is converted to sale. So as a consumer you are absolutely free to use it.

The visual user interface is sleek and simple having settings and intensive help icon at right corner.

New Feature Introduction – avast! SafePrice

Mostly people are unaware that feature updates and patches to Avast! SafePrice, to some extent, is tightly bound to program updates in Avast Online Security, Which in turn depends on updates in AVAST antivirus.

In this up to date edition of Avast Safe Price, the most noticeable characteristic is behind the scene products price comparison and suggestions of lowest price deals with coupons if found.

Most of the time when you visit online shopping sites, this program seamlessly comes into action by collecting data regarding user actions during browsing. What it grabs and sends to the server is data based on the user sessions like products you visit, website address and its prices, except your own privacy details.

What Avast online servers do is to compare product prices it got from you with other online sites, if it discovers the same product with fewer prices on other site; it notifies you about it in front of you with popup called ‘Lowest Prices Found’.

How can I deactivate SafePrice and why?

If you are a shopping junkie person and often buy things online, then Avast SafePrice is valuable for you as you can save lots of bucks collectively on different products purchases. But if you are not, then it may appear to you as irritating adware.

Once SafePrice installation is complete, it starts up and running automatically as a bar below browser navigation bar. For the first time this orange and blue safeprice bar appears with initial greetings welcoming the user.

Also it displays features incorporated inside SafePrice. Along with that it shows how to completely deactivate it in case you don’t need price comparison anymore. You can either disable it or remove it entirely from your computer.

How to Disable avast! SafePrice Pop-up for Short Term

If this app is worthless to you but you intend to deactivate it for short time, then you can disable it in two ways for 24 hours, irrespective of type of browser if it is firefox, chome or internet explorer.

Disable Avast SafePrice for 24 hours

To disable SafePrice for current website that you are currently browsing, directly click on settings icon located at right side of safeprice bar and then click to choose the first option.

Disabling avast! SafePrice Feature for 24 Hours

Disable Avast Safe Price for All websites for 24 hours.

By selecting the second option after clicking the same settings icon, Avast SafePrice would be disabled for all the websites that you visit often.

How to Remove Avast SafePrice from Chrome

To remove it from google chome browser entirely for lifetime, you can follow steps below:

  1. Move the mouse pointer and click on Customize and control Google Chrome iconremove avast safeprice from google chrome at right top corner of the browser window, after that choose to click on More tools > Extensions. Or Alternatively you can directly type chrome://extensions in the address bar and push enter.Removing Avast Safe Price plugin From Google Chrome Browser
  2. you would be immediately moved to chrome plugins page shown below:Removieng avast safeprice from google chrome
  3. Here you can clearly see orange Avast Online Security plugin which is selected through checkbox in front of it. you can deselect that checkbox to disable it without removing.
  4. To delete it permanently, push that grey trash bin icon in front of it. Removal confirmation dialog box will appear. Click on Remove button and online security plugin would be vanished along its add-on feature called Avast Safe Price.

How to Remove Avast SafePrice From Firefox

  1. Move mouse point to upper right corner in firefox browser window and click on menu looking like this removing avast safeprice from firefox. After that select [Add-Ons] menu.
  2. Now navigate to Extensions Tab.
  3. You are on the following page.avast-online-security and safeprice-uninstall
  4. Now see Orange Avast! Online Security plugin.
  5. Push the button named Disable and now Avast Safeprice is disabled.
  6. To entirely trash this plugin, click to select avast online security and then push remove button. you are done.

 How to Remove Avast SafePrice From Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Settings can be reset to entirely reverse the configurations same like they were during the first install of the browser.

  1. At right top corner of Internet Explorer select  gear icon and from drop down list select Internet Options.

    Remove Avast safe price from internet explorer

  2. A dialog box would open, choose Advanced tab section, now you can  Reset all configurations by pushing the relevant button given below.Remove Avas SafePrice from internet explorer browser
  3. A dialog titled “Reset Internet Explorer settings” appears to confirm reset where you should select a checkbox Delete personal settings and push ResetRemove Avas SafePrice from internet explorer browser
  4. It may take some time to complete resetting configurations, after that click on Close button to vanish the dialog box. To take effects into actions, you are required to restart Internet Explorer. Now Avast SafePrice is vanished as a history.

Uninstall Avast SafePrice entirely from Windows

Most of the times, Avast Safe Price is integrated as a browser plugin in addition to installation of online security plugin suggested by avast. Sometimes it is deliberately recommended to install as standalone application by some other softwares you download online for free. In other cases promotional advertisements and other in-text ads suggest benefits of installing it.

Standalone version of this application does not integrate itself in web browser directly. So a different way to uninstall it is recommended to adopt. Uninstalling application programs either its avast safeprice or its parent software that deliberately bundles this application and deploy it as you install them. Follow steps below:

To completely remove a program that is installed on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. At bottom left of windows task bar Click Start, from menu choose Control Panel, then open Add or Remove Programs.
  2. From the Currently installed programs list, scroll and select Avast SafePrice to remove, and then click Remove.
  3. It is possible that a prompt to confirm the removal of safe price, click Yes and you are done.